EBC - ebitchat

EBC - Terms of use

1 - Introduction :
You will find in this page some terms which you must approved before you use the website services such as chat rooms and credits . When you approved this terms you can entre and use eBitChat website services
If you do not agree with the our terms , you cannot use or browse the website pages or the use chat rooms or any site subsidiary our site
2 - Modifying the terms of use :
eBitChat website can edit , remove or add any of the terms that mentioned above . eBitChat website have to announce the modifications in chat rooms , and you have to use this modifications starting from the day of the announcement
3 - Cashout :
minimum cashout is 0.001
at this time all Cashout are manually some times it may take yp to 48 hours but dont worry we will pay you as soon as we can
in order to cashout contact us [email protected] and provide us you username in chatroom and you bitcoin address use the contact form please http://www.ebitchat.com/contact/
4 - Deposit and upgrade :
in order upgrade your account to Vip member or performer contact us http://www.ebitchat.com/contact/ refer to this page for price What is mean user groups in ebitchat ? and How much bitcoin can i earn from ebitchat ?
if you upgrade to Performer you may add moderators and other performer or even you upgrade other user account via your credite into your own room but they only cashout at rate x1 only official upgraded account by administration of ebitchat can cashout at rate x1.2 for plus x1.5 for premium x2 for vip and speaker
5 – The behaviors within chat rooms of the eBitChat :
You should not do one of the following actions :
- It is strictly forbidden to insult and threaten the visitors and users within the chat rooms.
- It is strictly forbidden to try to attack the site or access to any services illegally use or through hack programs for example : Web Pro or other
- Your password no one knows except you, so do not give your password to anyone, never we will not ask you for your password for any reason, and any circumstance
- Do not give any personal or financial information about you to anyone who was inside chat rooms , please ensure the security of your data and your computer
- Bears full responsibility alone when providing any personal information about you or your family or any financial information about you
- eBitChat administration do not bear responsibility for any defect or damage befall you or infect your computer or the electronic network used by caused by the installation or use of any of the contents of the website or its pages, your personal security and the security of your computer, is your reponsibility
- Do not raise or view photos or indecent words, or attempt to access with fake names in chat rooms moderator may mute or kick you out of the room in some cases you will get ban for specific period by administrator
- Everything that is published by the members and visitors and moderators of chat rooms, his publisher assumes all responsibility . The content on the site pages do not necessarily reflect the opinion or viewpoint of eBitChat website .
- When you want to sign up a membership in the chat rooms is committed to provide correct data, especially your email
- Obligation to do not impersonate any personal to someone else, or impersonate a company or personal of administrators and observers and supervisors affiliated to eBitChat website .
6-Property rights :
This names ebc, eBitChat and the logo of the website and all the subjects which published on the website is possession to eBitChat website . It is strictly forbidden to use or posting on Web pages to other sites unless prior written permission culpable and as is customary in accordance with international law and the laws protecting copyright and trademark , this protection is including : images , programs , designs , logos , texts , pages description and other services which affiliated to eBitChat website
It will also be informed of the legal authorities to take action when you use or publish a site name, images, programs, designs, logos, texts, and pages description in other websites which is not affiliated to the site officially
Contact us
For your questions and suggestions and requests you can contact us through this link contact eBitChat administration or send an email to [email protected] and you will be answered as soon as possible in a period not exceeding 48 hours
Please when email us you should enter a valid email address to reply as soon as possible , and for visitors and members can always contact us through social networks in each of : facebook https://www.facebook.com/ebitcoinchat/