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Welcome to EBC - ebitchat.com

ebitchat.com is a free online chat room website where you can have live chat with your friends, and earn free bitcoin, you can discuss with random public or private chat from USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and people from all over the world, at the same time in multiple chatrooms and discussion groups, any time you can start a private conversation to meet girls and boys living nearby in your area.

ebitchat free bitcoin

ebitChat offer free bitcoin just register new account and start chat with others you will get 10 satoshi every 1 minute
ebitchat is an Bitcoin community talk about bitcoin-related services development and technical discussion about Satoshi's Bitcoin client and the Bitcoin network in general, News, Mining ( software and hardware), pools, price...etc

free chat rooms

with EBC you can chat will all your friends at the same time in multiple chat-rooms and discussion groups, any time you can start a private or public conversation
audio/video chat online
you can publish you own cam and voice and make public / private conversations with your friends with high quality video
Also, you can upgrade your account to Performer and broadcast your video and earn UNLIMITED bitcoin from other users in your own room , you can define PPM pay per minute or PPV pay per view members will pay you bitcoin by watching your video

Rent a room to increase your Revenue

by renting a custom room you have powerful control to set moderators or performers in your current room also you can start broadcast paid video and set the amount users pay to see your broadcast PPM or PPV , you will get 10 satoshi per minute + commissions from users
Calculate your earning!
You will earn 10 satoshi per minute except being away, busy or idle all you need to do is login to your account and enter a chat room watch your Bitcoin fortune grow
this table show you exactly how much you will earn bitcoin
Level Cost Payout Rate /min /Hour /Day /Week /Month
User FREE x1 10 Sat 600 Sat 14400 Sat 100800 Sat 432000 Sat
Plus 0.001/year x1.2 12 Sat 720 Sat 17280 Sat 120960 Sat 518400 Sat
Premium 0.002/year x1.5 15 Sat 900 Sat 21600 Sat 151200 Sat 648000 Sat
VIP 0.003/year x2 20 Sat 1200 Sat 28800 Sat 201600 Sat 864000 Sat
Speaker 0.005/year x2 20 Sat 1200 Sat 28800 Sat 201600 Sat 864000 Sat

but keep in mind when you being "away", "busy" or "idle" in chat room for a 5 minutes, no matter how long you stays without saying or doing anything or opening another tab , the chat credit will stop until you comeback and make an action like send a message or do somthing in room.
we recommend to check your status in chat time to time to make sure that bitcoin is added to your account every 1 minute

Performers can earn unlimited bitcoin in their own room with only 0.01/year you can rent a room and set moderators to help you manage your own room , also you can earn bitcoin from users who want to watch your video, you have full control to set the amount that users need to pay to watch you

custom level Cost Rate /min
Performer 0.01/year x1 by upgrading to this rank you have Full Control customize your own room you can add/remove moderators for Permenant or Temporary, The performers may ignore, kick and ban annoying users. "Ignore" means ignoring his/her private messages, "Ban" means kicking him/her out permanently until unbanning, you can customize your own room name and description also you are able to set photo for your room
as a performer you will earn 10 sat/min + commissions from broadcasting your cam videos, you can set broadcast videos PPM ( pay per minute ) or PPV ( pay per view), for example any user click on your cam he must pay 50 sat/min you will recieve 50 sat/min will be added to your balance